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The Premise

A macho-fossilized homicide detective meets a rich, charismatic woman during an investigation into a suspicious high society suicide.

The Problem

Not only does this alluring woman confound his investigation, she hacks his entire sense of purpose, morality, masculinity—and sanity.


The Real Problem

The woman isn’t a woman. She’s a demonic shapeshifting creature who preys on psychologically vulnerable men, physically transforming them into forceful apparent-females with their own predatory needs and supernatural capabilities, but subservient to Her.

The arc of the story takes us from classic noir to psychological thriller to urban fantasy.

The Pilot Episode is written by Brian McGreevy (Hemlock Grove and The Son). The series is based on the novel by Kris Saknussemm.

“A lovely evil gem.”

“Bold, original, and disturbing.”
-The Austin Chronicle

“Imagine if Raymond Chandler wrote Steppenwolf.”
-Stephen Graham Jones


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